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[ Review ] Frosted Rice Cracker (Yuki No Yado)

Click here to buy. Rating: I have to admit, I’ve never had American rice crackers until I was an adult. What was my reaction to it? “Why is it so bland? I know! It just needs a thick layer of peanut butter and jelly…” American rice crackers tasted very different from the rice snack my… Continue reading [ Review ] Frosted Rice Cracker (Yuki No Yado)


Roulette Box – A Box Full of the Japanese and Asian Snacks That Your Craving Desires

Try your luck with our new Roulette Boxes, where everyone is a winner! Snacks are randomly selected from a variety of snacks we have already tasted to give you the best selection. Each Roulette Box will cater to a specific craving you have, unlike our Mystery Boxes which are a hodge podge of different snacks.… Continue reading Roulette Box – A Box Full of the Japanese and Asian Snacks That Your Craving Desires


Classic Pocky Gift Box (New Release)

Everyone loves Pocky! We’re kicking off the first of many gift boxes with this Classic Pocky Gift Box, perfect for all occasions! Your special someone will feel extra loved as they unveil what’s inside this decorative gift box wrapped in a ribbon with a bow on top. For just $24.95, each gift box is filled with… Continue reading Classic Pocky Gift Box (New Release)


Mystery Box – A Box Full of Japanese Candy and Asian snacks

This year, many of you have been wondering, “Where the heck are the subscription boxes??” As of 2016, we sadly said “bye-bye” to these boxes. Our subscribers replied back with disappointment, and we felt the looming, dark cloud hanging over their heads as we ended 2015. To shine a ray of sunlight through those gloomy days, we’ve released our new… Continue reading Mystery Box – A Box Full of Japanese Candy and Asian snacks


{ Weekend Recipe } Chili Shrimp

Lately, I’ve been craving Kkanpung Shrimp. It’s battered shrimp that’s fried and then smothered in a thick, sticky, sweet sauce. It’s a dish that’s served only at Korean-Chinese restaurants. I’ve tried ordering it at Chinese restaurants, but their version can never satisfy my craving. I like to order a bowl of Jajang Myun (noodles in black bean sauce)… Continue reading { Weekend Recipe } Chili Shrimp


December’s Monday Madness

Hello December! We have a new Monday Madness for this month. Our team is getting into the holiday spirit and would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas with a gift! This month, starting today, all Shop orders will receive a Surprise Sampler! It may include up to 7 different sample-sized snacks, and we’re even throwing… Continue reading December’s Monday Madness

Snack/Food Reviews

[ Review ] Onion Rings (Funyuns VS Nongshim)

Funyuns was one of my favorite snacks growing up as a kid. Even though it’s said to be onion flavored rings, it really doesn’t taste anything like onion but more like salt. Ok, maybe that’s a little too harsh, but after tasting Nongshim’s version of a onion ring snack, you will have to agree. This Korean version is much… Continue reading [ Review ] Onion Rings (Funyuns VS Nongshim)